In REBICE we manufacture metal packages for different industry sectors, from the food industry to the petrochemical. Our professional team performs a thorough quality check to ensure the highest quality in all processes.

UN approved steel drums

Our steel drums are guaranteed and comply with the most demanding quality standards, in compliance with current regulations and carrying out technical audit testing.

The drum qualification involves different activities in order to guarantee in the time the Quality of the products.The control is executed on every kind of drums.

Quality unit control and product process:

Welding control.

Leakage test.

Finish control.

Varnish control.

Approval tests:

Filling the drum up to their limit.

Stacking test with constant load.

Fall tests in different levels and positions.

Leakage testing with internal hydraulic pressure.


Our quality system was certified by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), attending to the ISO 9001, regarding the manufacturing and commercialization of steel drums and pails.

In addition, we have our Health registration, number 39.04022/TO for the manufacture of metal drums intended for the food industry.

In our wide range of products, you can find also packaging with ADR homologation to transport and storage dangerous goods.

Steel drums with ADR homologation to transport and storage dangerous goods

Steel drums with UNE EN ISO 9001 certification

Steel drum with Sanitary Registration for food packaging

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Quality lithographed steel drums

We completely customize your drums.

At Rebice we lithographed 100% of the surface of your drums making them the perfect marketing element to differentiate your product from all competitors.

Discover our lithography service