REBICE, S.A. is one of the companies with long term field experience and projection of future in the metal can and steel drum sector. Since 1978 our philosophy of company has constantly and clearly been defined. Service, Quality and Price.

The field-proven high quality of all our products with technical audits is achieved following specific strategic targets. All of them are essential to satisfy the needs of our Customers.

Our quality system was certified by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), attending to the ISO 9001:2015, regarding the manufacturing and commercialization of steel drums.

Nowadays, REBICE, S.A. has a total land area of 50,000 square meters of which 10,000 is covered. We have a great store of finished products, which allows to supply the goods in the minor possible time meeting our customer requirements.

Old staff of the metal packaging factory
A worker making a steel drum
Old truck loaded with steel drums

Rebice Guarantees

Personalized Attention to help you choose the best steel drum

Personalized attention

Our team of consultants will answer your questions and resolve your doubts, before, during and after your order. We are specialist in the manufacture of steel drums and metal lithography and our staff are at your service, should you need any assistance.
Please call us at 0034 925 31 74 27 and we will answer any question you may have.

Best quality metal containers

100% quality steel drums

Every steel drum produced by us is guaranteed and complies with the most demanding standards of quality in the market. Each drum complies with current regulations backed up by comprehensive technical audited tests.
Our raw material suppliers are also audited by external companies of recognized prestige.

Guaranteed delivery times for metal containers

Guaranteed delivery time

REBICE, S.A. knows how important your planning of commercial actions and events is to your company, for this reason we are committed to meeting the agreed deadlines.

Virtual sample of your lithographed drum

Free virtual sampling

Before starting the lithography works for your drums, we can perform a virtual sample which will receive in your mailbox. This will enable you to check the outcome of your design in the selected drum.

Department of graphic design for lithographed steel drums

Graphic design department

Our graphic design and pre-impression department can adapt your design to the drum which better fits your needs. Every drum is completely customizable. Any company logo and very impressive photo-realistic composition can be printed on your pack.

Satisfactory lithographic printing

100% satisfactory printing

Using the very latest lithography printing system, we ensure that the finishing, the brightness and the print quality in your drums will meet your expectations and fulfill your needs.

Own fleet of delivery vehicles and logistics warehouse

Own fleet of delivery vehicles

We show you our own fleet of large volume trucks fully adapted to our needs, therefore we are able to offer you a just in time service, even over long distances.

Free advice for your steel drums

Free advice

You can contact us on the following telephone number 0034 925 31 74 27 and you will and you will get of the necessary advice to answer any question about packaging, prices, delivery time or lithography process. This way you can place your order with the highest confidence.

More than 50 years making steel drums

More than 50 years in this sector

In REBICE, S.A. we are a specialist manufacturer of steel drums and barrels. We are supported by a tradition of more than 50 years producing every kind of drum both nationally and internationally.

Lithographed steel drums for fuel

We completely customize your drums.

At Rebice we lithographed 100% of the surface of your drums making them the perfect marketing element to differentiate your product from all competitors.

Discover our lithography service