REBICE, S.A. steel drums. Our wide range of steel drums, in all the models, capacities and thickness, tight-head, open-head, straight-sided and open-head nested styles, includes from 30 litres up to 240 litres in different types of locks and internal coatings. We also have two of the best lithography lines existing in Europe, UV drying and conventional drying, to which we get a great production capacity and decorate every kind of drum, without size or color limits.

Whatever your industrial sector of activity, in REBICE, S.A. we have the best metal packaging to suit your product and requirements.

Tight Head Steel Drum for petrochemicals

Tight Head Steel Drum

25-220-Litre steel drums comply with the highest UN regulations for packing non-dangerous and dangerous goods in the packaging groups I, II and III.

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Open Head Steel Drums for food and solid products

Open Head Steel Drums

25-220-Litre open head steel drums comply with stringent UN regulations for packing dangerous goods in the packaging groups I, II and III.

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All sizes Lithographed steel drums

Lithographed steel drums

We have two Varnishing machines for steel sheets and Lithographic Printing Lines for big size steel drums, which allow print any design or corporate logo company.

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conical crum for tomatoes, avocados, juices, vegetables and other fruits

Conical metal drums

Conical metal drums of 220 l. that comply with all health regulations for the packaging and transport of food (tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, juices, concentrates…). The lid can be supplied in metal or plastic with or without leaf leverlock closure.

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Large format neck-in metal packaging

Neck-in steel drums.

Neck-in 200l steel drums, UN approval for packaging hazardous goods of groups I, II and III. The REBICE Neck-in drum is suitable for transport in sea containers.

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Graphic design of steel drums

A graphic design department at your disposal.

Take advantage of having a graphic design department on your side that will help you and advise on everything in order to make your packaging stand out above its competitors.

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