Conical drums for tomatoes, fruit and vegetables.

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REBICE, S.A. manufactures conical metal drums with a capacity of 220 litres. Equipped with internal coating (BPA Free / epoxy-phenolic) in compliance with health regulations for food packaging and transport. These cone-shaped drums are specially designed for transporting seasonal products such as tomatoes and vegetables, as well as concentrates, pulp and juices of all types of fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to their conical shape, they can be placed one inside the other, offering significant savings in terms of space and cost in transport and storage. They are also provided with a full removable plastic or metal lid with or without lever lock closure.

We will turn your conical drums into a corporate element by decorating them with your company colour.

220 Liter. Open Head Steel Conical Drums.

200 litre conical metal drums for tomato paste
200L conical drum for vegetables, fruit concentrate and tomatoes
Conical drum for fruit, vegetable and vegetable concentrates

Capacity (L) Height (mm) Diameter Sup.(mm) Diameter Inf.(mm) Thickness (mm) Tare (Kg) ADR Homologation
Internal External Internal External Internal External Body Bottom Liquid Solid
220 946 969 562 576 520 528 0,7 0,5 10,3
0,6 0,5 9

Contact us for any capacity, closure or finish modification.

Closing options. Different types of lids

Lid for conical fruit concentrate drums

A. Plastic snap-on lid with or without leverlock ring.

Plastic lids Conical vegetable drums

B. Plastic lid with leverlock ring

Conical drums with metal lids for vegetable transport

C. Metal lid (galvanised or ungalvanised) with leverlock ring.

Graphic design of steel drums

A graphic design department at your disposal.

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