In REBICE, S.A. we have two varnishing machines for steel sheets and lithography for big size steel sheets, a conventional one and a UV drying one, which allow print any design or corporate logo company (CLC), in several colours without any restriction in measurements, even for 220 Litre steel drums.

We can lithograph up to 100% of your drum surface,including covers and bottoms, making your drum into a promotional piece of 360º, the perfect marketing element to distinguish your product from your competitors.

If anything characterizes REBICE, S.A. is that we have always the newest offset printing machinery, in addition to the most qualified professionals to assure the highest printing quality.

Another great advantage of lithography is that using this method you can print complex designs, with pictures, traces or degrades, achieving really impressive metal drums, difficult to imitate. It´s an efficient way of combating the counterfeiters of products, since it´s impossible to copy the resulting drum with other printing technical.

Avoid forgeries using lithographed designs

Lithographed steel drums

A graphic design department at your disposal.

Graphic design and pre-printing of steel drums

There is a graphic design and pre-impression department available in REBICE, S.A. to create, adapt, develop and perform the design of your packaging, able to modify or generate sophisticated layouts.

Our Graphic design department will assist you for any need, advising and providing you the fresh ideas for your project. We know that the visual communication is the point of departure to generate a good image in your business. Our job is to perform the best our creativity, to ensure that the drum containing your product is really a forward steep to the success of your company.