In Rebice we specialize in production of metal drums and industrial packaging.

We produce steel drums for every branch of industry: petrochemicals, food and drink, cosmetics, coatings, industrial chemicals, drugs, etc… Our drums will give you the best guarantees to pack your product in recipients that meet every regulation and legal requirement, as well as homologations and international standards, whatever your market segment.

Metal drums for honey and food industry

Steel drums for food and drink.

REBICE, S.A. performs strict hygiene and quality; we produce unalterable metal drums, always checking to make sure that our raw material complies with the international standards of food and beverages packaging. We have our Health Registration number 39.04022/TO for the manufacturing of drums intended for the food industry.

Steel drums for fuels and petrochemical industry

Steel drums for fuels and petrochemicals.

Drums from REBICE, S.A. are UN homologated for the transport and storage of dangerous goods, solid and liquid; for this reason, our drums are a really convenient container to treat safely petrochemicals and reduce any risk connected with this type of materials. No matter the destination: You can trust in our drums.

Metal drums for industrial chemicals

Steel drums for industrial chemicals.

The industrial chemical elements are usually dangerous for transporting, storing and handling, since they could be poisonous substances, flammable and maybe explosive. REBICE, S.A. produces the necessary UN homologated metal drums, for transporting and storing of chemicals, perfected sealed to avoid leakages and accidents.

Steel drums for original ideas and marketing

Steel drums for promotional and marketing solutions.

Your drum is not only a package but also a powerful promotional element. Drums provide you with a 360º area where you can place the image of your company. Besides, your drum can became a barbecue, a garden seat, a table, a decorative element in a shop window, and in the end, everything you can imagine.