In REBICE, S.A. we have our own fleet of trucks and trailers, they are thought for big volume goods and meet our needs, this way we can provide a just in time transportation service, even in long distances.

Finally, we use 20 FCL, 40 FCL and H.C. for ocean traffic, last one specially designed for big volume goods.

Both the transport professionals of REBICE, S.A. as the fleet of trucks are in possession of the ADR certificate to transport and contain dangerous goods.

Warehouse and logistics of steel drums

Our office, manufacturing and warehousing facilities are strategically located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, allowing us to quickly locate the main routes and traffic that connect the Central area with the South, the North and the Levant of the Iberian Peninsula and This with the rest of Europe.

The logistics center of REBICE, S.A. is located just 30 km from Toledo and 100 km from Madrid, making it an ideal location as a transport hub, both on road, rail and air routes.

National shipping of metal drums
International shipments of metal drums by land, sea and air
Rebice loading docks Metal containers

Lithographed steel drums

We completely customize your drums.

At Rebice we lithographed 100% of the surface of your steel drums making them the perfect marketing element to differentiate your product from all competitors.

Discover our lithography service